World War Z Gets DLC Update with Horde Mode and Zombies

World War Z Gets DLC Update with Horde Mode and Zombies


Saber Interactive’s World War z Video game for the computers is getting the Downloadable content update, which will add the Horde Mode and a new zombie for the players to play with. The company has announced the post-launch DLC schedule, which will start from May and will enable the players to access venom spitting zombies and also a new mission set based in Tokyo. The zombies added in the game spit venom and may resurrect if the player does not kill them correctly. After that in June, Saber Interactive is going to release new Skull difficulty settings and also the cosmetics addition for the players.

The company announced the roadmap of free updates for World War Z players. The updates will be released slowly till June. But after that, the company will release new updates each week with the addition to the maps, playable characters, modes and also the cosmetic additions. Also, the company is working on new features like wave-based survival mode, the ability to join private lobbies and changing the modes of playing. With the first phase of updates, the developer thinks that the players will get adapted to the update cycle and skilled enough to handle the difficulty of the game.

World War Z was launched last month on April 16th and is now a hit game with millions of downloads within fifteen days. The game is based on the 2006 novel by Max Brooks and also the Brad Pitt’s film in 2013. Within fifteen days, the game achieved the sales of one million copies on PC, Xbox and Play Station platforms. Also, World War Z achieved the top spot in UK retail charts, pushing FIFA 19 and Tom Clancy’s Division 2 down the table. Saber Interactive shared the exact roadmap of Updates on Twitter Handle.

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