WhatsApp Issuing Warning to Modded App Users

WhatsApp Issuing Warning to Modded App Users


WhatsApp is issuing the warning to the users, who are using the Modded apps on their smartphone. As the modded apps provide a much better user interface and the customization options, the users are ditching the classic WhatsApp application and choosing the modded ones. As the users of such apps grew, WhatsApp is sending warning messages to those users. Most of the users who’ve received the warning also received a 24-hour ban on using the WhatsApp services. The modded version users received the popup with the message “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.” with the timer to count the remaining time.

WhatsApp is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App store for free of cost and without any in-app purchase. But many of the users are opting for a modified version of the same, which violates the terms of usage of WhatsApp. As these apps are prone to hacker attacks, the company is preventing users from using such risky apps. To ensure privacy and data security, the company has banned a few users and still on a spree to ban users who are found using the modified versions. Third-party developers are distributing the modified apps like GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus on the website. These apps are prone to data theft, and hacker attacks as your personal information, chat details, and contact details are prone vulnerabilities.

The users are advised to uninstall the modified application and download the official WhatsApp from the respective Application market of your smartphone OS platform. Once that’s done, the services will be restored immediately for such users. Although the company has not shared any details about the banning process and whether they will allow the users to import chat history from a modified version of the application. It is highly advised to uninstall the modified app to prevent a permanent ban on your number.

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