Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Has Invested In Amazon

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Has Invested In Amazon


When it comes to investment, there’s only one person who has so much wisdom that he only invests in valuable stocks. It seems like currently, the oracle of Omaha is impressed with tech giant company Amazon and that’s why Berkshire Hathaway has decided to invest so much amount of money into it. Warren Buffett while giving an interview said that one of his key staff members had bought Amazon’s shares and he thinks it’s a good investment. There are has been a rumor that Warren Buffett who is not familiar that much of tech stock might enter into this sector by buying Amazon’s shares.

In an interview, Buffet mentioned that the actual buying of Amazon’s shares are going to be revealed in the company’s quarterly report which it is going to submit later this month to SEC. Buffet has never been a fan of tech stocks, and that’s why he has invested only Apple, but from last few months, Buffet has been praising Jeff Bezos’s effort to lead the company. Buffett said he is regretting not buying Amazon’s shares before and he thinks that’s one of his big mistakes. But, now he thinks the company still has a vast future, and that’s why he decided to invest in it. Amazon is that tech giant company which has emerged as one of the top leading company in the world.

Jeff Bezos who is founder and CEO of it is in right position which has led company even after facing so many obstacles. Currently, Amazon is working on multiple projects including cloud computing, space travel and data storage facilities. It seems like Buffet has seen the bright future of Amazon which many analysts have failed. The value investment technique which Buffet uses says that a person shall invest in those companies which are extremely undervalued and if that’s true then Amazon might be that one.

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