Walmart Bans A Woman For Eating A Half Cake And Refusing To Pay The Price For Other Half

Walmart Bans A Woman For Eating A Half Cake And Refusing To Pay The Price For Other Half


When it comes to managing a retail store, it’s not that easy for most of the guys who works there. They have to witness some weird things, and at Walmart’s store recently something like that has happened. A recent report from Wichita Falls Walmart located on Greenbriar Road states that they have banned a woman after she ate a half cake and refused to pay for the other half. A Walmart store located at Greenbriar road revealed in their statement that a woman entered the store and she ate a cake without paying for it. When store executives enquired into this matter, she even refused to pay for the other half of the cake.

The store called police when they saw a woman is refusing to pay for the pie she just ate, and they even complained about her misbehavior. Local police departments came quickly to inquire about the incident, and after arriving at the store, they banned woman for the theft. Things like this are not new because a similar thing had already happened in Wichita Walmart a few months ago. The report shows that in January 2019, Wichita Walmart called the police to complain about the woman who was drinking wine in the parking lot. The police came to the location and arrested the woman for misbehavior and put a ban on her from entering into the store.

However, employees even requested to ban this woman from accessing another Wichita Walmart store because they found that she had been drinking wine from a Pringles can and that too while she was driving an electric car. Even though this recent incident did not do any harm in any of Walmart’s employees, it somehow shows that some people like to create a problem for other people without any good reason.

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