Unity Developed a New Game

Unity Developed a New Game only for Testing the AI Agents


There is a one video game that has 100 levels, but the humans are not allowed to play it. The Unity Studios developed a video game that allows the Artificial intelligent Bots to finetune their skills by playing the game. The unique game for AI assistants is useful for them to improve the coordination and continue learning. The game from Unity has 100 levels, and the AI developers can ask their assistants to play the game and win cash prizes once won. The game is named as the Obstacles Tower, and humans are barred from playing it.

The players, which are the AI bots can fine-tune their abilities to act appropriately in different situations, thinking algorithms, trigger mechanisms, and many other things. The obstacles Tower game is designed in such a way that the AI Assistant bot can learn and fine-tune itself. The Obstacles Tower is not an easy game for the AI bots as the AI has to perform specific tasks, follow the timer and avoid the obstacles at the same time. So, it’s a challenging course for the machine learning algorithm.

The Obstacles Tower is not yet released and scheduled to release on the February 11th. The first phase of the competition will run till the March 31st, in which the players will get a chance to run their AI bots for 25 levels of the game. The second stage will open up all of the levels of the game and will run from April 15th till May 24th. The winner will receive the prizes worth $100,000. The Developers will have the chance to get early access to the game and build AI bot around the game to use them in the competition.

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