Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Follows A Crazy Life Schedule

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Follows A Crazy Life Schedule


When it comes to billionaire entrepreneur, many people like to read some fascinating stories about them, and if you’re a fan of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, then you might want to get some insights about how entrepreneurs like him spend their time. In a recent podcast, Jack was asked about his daily schedules, and it’s been found that jack is a massive admirer of Stoicism philosophy. Stoicism states that a person should be calm and shall not attach himself to any materialistic things which will help them to be happy and prosperous in their respective fields. One of the vital principles of stoicism is to imagine your life without any people or materialistic things.

Jack likes to follow some schedules because he said that his day starts with taking an ice bath. Now after asking why does he prefer to make an ice bath then, he said: “it unlocks his mind”. During a ten-day retreat in Pyin Oo Lwin (Burma) he was banned from using electronic gadgets, physical exercise and even making eye contact with other people. Jack’s mother said she was worried about his health because at one point she found him eating all the unhealthy foods. However, now most of his diet includes all those foods which will give him more and more of vitamin C.

During the week he likes to eat only one meal and that too at dinner plus on weekends he loves to do fasting which no normal human being can do that much easier. Once a journalist even said some funny things about Jack, and he described to him that he is rich a white billionaire who goes to ashram every year. Jack is a massive fan of meditating; he does that multiple times during the whole day. His morning routine includes meditation of more than 1-hour. It’s incredibly hard to see how Jack follows such a great lifestyle which ultimately help him to be calm even in stressful situations.

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