Trump's Plan Of Eradicating AIDS Problem Might Take Lots Of Time

Trump’s Plan Of Eradicating AIDS Problem Might Take Lots Of Time


President Trump a few months ago while addressing Congressman said that his mission is to make America free from AIDS. He mentioned that he is going to implement some revolutionary changes into medical system of country to end the severe problem of AIDS by the end of 2030. However, even if this plan might sound right, there are still many things which are not going right with it. Trump is trying his best to make sure that he is here to change the country for good, but those plans might take lots of time. Public health hospitals are filled up with lots of patients, especially those who are homeless, sick, and can’t afford the cost of medicine.

The problem of AIDS has significantly increased in America, especially in those people who are poor. People who are living in worse condition are getting diagnosed with AIDS, plus they are not in a suitable shape of getting treatment. The situation of rural public health care has gotten worse, and if we look at its condition, then we can firmly say that Trump’s vision might take more than forty years to eradicate the problem of AIDS.

However, the percentage of AIDS patients had significantly decreased from 1980s when this disease was getting spread like a virus. The situation at New York, San Francisco have improved a lot, but there are still a group of people who are facing this problem at a more significant rate. The main issue which Trump administration facing is the cost of maintaining such public healthcare because many of these patients have less or no money for buying required medicines. On the other hand, many patients want to try experimental drugs, but they are not getting it because of strict government regulations. So other than slow pace of public health care, cost is another big issue in front of Trump administration.