There’s Shortage of Mental Health Care Centers In Georgia State

There’s Shortage of Mental Health Care Centers In Georgia State


Many youngster and teenagers in the US go through mental breakdown who needs the right type of mental health care to get out of that trauma. However, according to the recent report released by the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry which states there’s a shortage of mental health care providers in the Georgia state. According to this report, the state is going through some catastrophic situation because there are very few amounts of psychiatrists and therapists in it who can provide mental health care to the youngsters and teenagers. The shortage of these professionals is so much lower that there are only eight therapists for every 1000000 residents in the state which is a concerning thing. There are many schools in the state which are running out counselors and psychologists.

The main problem who are facing is the family of those patients who is having some mental issues because many families are complaining that finding a psychiatrist in Georgia has become a rare thing. The state has many numbers of mentally ill people living it because of severe cases of depression, post-traumatic stress experience, observed by the researchers and for such type of people need proper help. Some parents whose kids have mental illness complained that many people in the state are not that much educated regarding issues like mental illness. It’s getting hard for those mentally ill people to live in the state around those people who are not willing to help them.

Many people have criticized those parents whose children have a mental illness because they think the depression in young children is the result of bad parenting and parents.  The situation for people with a mental health condition in Georgie is critical, and the state government will have to take some severe actions about it.

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