Survey Shows How Much Money You Should Have To Be Wealthy In USA

Survey Shows How Much Money You Should Have To Be Wealthy In USA


Living in the United States of America is many people’s dream because it’s the land of opportunity. However, you might want to know who is considered as wealthy in USA. According to a recent survey it’s been found that haven’t a million dollar is not going to make you feel rich in America. In Charles Schwab’s study, it’s been found that a person whose net worth is more than $2.7 million would be considered as a rich person in America. Many people are living in America who are trying to figure to earn money to feed themselves for more than two times. Even if the average GDP income of a person in the USA is below $60000, many people are still trying hard to earn that amount.

There are many surveys done on this topic in which it’s been found that people get richer when they become older since their level of earnings increases. However, this new benchmark of being a rich in America has diminished because the last time when this survey happened at that time the limit was of $2.3 million. The surveys found that many people who are earning above average income were not able to save that much money because of which their net worth was always low. This Schwab survey also found that a majority of American love to invest in realty estate.

Investment has played a significant role in determining a person’s net worth because most of the people who are old have always tried to buy realty estate since they can give the right amount of returns. Most of the millennials said their net worth depends upon how they are living their life, and they wouldn’t know a fixed amount which will describe them as wealthy. Many millennials have found to be super confident of becoming wealthy, and they even think that earning a million dollars will take them only ten years.

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