some interesting facts about canada's economy

Some Interesting Facts About Canada’s Economy


When it comes to developed nations, everyone loves them because it’s one of those countries where you would get every facility. Canada is a developed nation which has grown economically very well and here are some interesting facts about the country’s economy.

Natural Resources

Canada is a gifted country because it has a vast amount of natural oil and other resources in their cold shields land. Canada has reportedly had more oil reserves than the whole middle east region which shows the dominance of it over the oil industry.

Biggest Seafood Producers

Canada is one of the leading exporters of seafood. Because of the enormous seafood market, Canada exports seafood to different countries. The country earns a considerable amount of money from this sector, and it has grown for a long time.

Low Health Care Cost

Health care costs have always been a severe issue for developed nations. In Canada, health care costs are near half price as compared to the USA. Many middle-class people here have a good quality of living because of the low amount of Healthcare cost. The US is a country which got lots of criticism because of high healthcare costs.

Quality Education 

Canada offers a high-quality education, which is the primary reason behind so many students like to come here to study. Many excellent universities are offering a quality education which is needed by youths. Canada is leading nations where the rate of migration students is higher because of excellent education and job opportunity.

Retailers Earn Good Money

In a report, it’s been found that retailers in Canada earn the right amount of money because customers are willing to pay. Customers are economically well settled, which makes them sufficient enough to pay the higher prices even if that’s not necessary.