Super Mario Bros

Sealed Super Mario Bros. Copy Sold for Whopping $100,150 in an Auction


A first-run sealed copy of the Super Mario Bros. game was sold in an auction for whopping $100,150. This is one of the costliest games ever sold in an auction. This is the first six-figure transaction for any game made by Nintendo Entertainment Systems. Last time, a different copy of the same game was sold in an Auction for mere $30,000, and now it has broken that record. The unique feature of this game copy was that the sealed cover. The first copy of the game was sealed in plastic wrap using a black color circular sticker with Nintendo logo on it.

The $30,000 copy that was sold last year was shrink wrapped and not with the black sticker on the top. The copy was briefly distributed in the United States of America before the national rollout of the consoles. The test-marketing campaign before the official launch in the country had such plastic wrapped games in 1985 and 1986. The Super Mario Bros were distributed separately from the console in those days.

The auctioned game is owned by three persons, named Jim Halperin, Founder of Heritage Auction, Coin and Antiques Collector Rich Lecce and Video game Store owner Zac Gieg. Heritage Auctions sponsored the auction as this is the first time the company got into auctioning the Wata-certified Video games. Deniz Khan, who is the president of company Wata games, specializes in certification and authentication of the old video games and accessories. Mr. Khan said that the auction was done as the publicity for Heritage Auction, but it was a legitimate auction and real persons bought the sealed game. According to Mr. Khan, two of the buyers are genuine buyers and long-time antique video games collector.