Screening of Colon Cancer Can Save Lives

Screening of Colon Cancer Can Save Lives


Colorectal Cancer is a preventive disease, but, many people are dying of it because they don’t do a proactive screening of it. Screening of colon cancer can save the life of many people. There are ignorant people, poor people and people with the lack of health insurance, who are unaware of this. Even some doctors aren’t aware. So, it is necessary that doctors should push their patients to get tested. Ms. Ginsburg of Leawood, Kan, was suggested by a primary care doctor when she was 48 that she should have a baseline colonoscopy. At that time, she had no symptoms, no family history, nor any risk factors. However, her doctor was reluctant about this and wanted her to get screened. When she did it, the doctors informed that a big precancerous polyp, which was almost the size of a golf ball, needed surgical removal along with 40 % of her colon.

She said that thankfully she did not wait until 50 years of age to get tested. She said that if she did not do it on time, she would have been suffering from this cancer. So, now she tells everyone around her to get tested and have a colonoscopy. It will surely save so many people from colon cancer. The American Cancer Society and the CDC had kept a goal of getting almost 80% people screened for colon and rectum cancers, five years ago. These tests would be conducted for people of ages 50 to 75. However, by 2018, only 65% people in this age group had done tests.

Today, a high number of young adults are detected with colorectal cancer. So, there is a huge pressure to get people tested in early ages as a preventive measure. The latest goal is to get at least 80 % adults of ages 45 to 75 tested with an approved method. For this mission, more than 1,800 community organizations in the United States have lined up together. The doctors say that though they aren’t insisting people for a colonoscopy, yet, it is a gold standard for detection and prevention of colon cancer.

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