researchers proved how exercise helps in reducing alzheimer

Researchers Proved How Exercise Helps In Reducing Alzheimer


A healthy body is what everyone wants, but no one likes to make the required efforts to build it. There were numerous health studies done by researchers, which proved that doing an exercise can help to reduce Alzheimer and related diseases. A group of researchers from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health did a health study on those people who are doing physical activities regularly. There were more than 1600 people in the foundation out of them researchers decided to study 23. Eleven participants were asked to follow the exercise regime for some time, and others were told to help the participants.

Before starting to explore all of these participants body got checked up by the doctors to see how exercise effects on their brain. After a certain period, researchers compared the result of those people who followed an exercise regime correctly. They found that after doing exercise, there was an improvement in glucose metabolism of these participants.

Participants were healthy, but they were more inclined towards getting Alzheimer because of the genetic history. Researchers have already proved that doing an exercise can help to reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s and other brain-related diseases. Previous studies proved that as people get older, the chances of getting Alzheimer’s also increases. When we get older, our brain starts to build amyloid, which slows down our mind and effects on permanent memory. Exercise, however, proved to be beneficial for those people who are on the verge of getting Alzheimer or have any family history of the same. Experts think people should try to exercise for at least 150 minutes per week, which will improve their mental as all as physical health. Linkage of doing exercise with mental health improvement is not new, and this health study proves it.