regulatory filings from apple indicate new ipad models

Regulatory Filings from Apple Indicate New iPad Models


According to the regulatory filings done with the Eurasian economic council by Apple, the two new iPad models are confirmed. The new listing confirms the existence of new iPad models filed under the name “A2200” and “A2232”. The new models are anticipated for a long time, and this entry confirms the upcoming iPad devices. With this news, the number of forthcoming iPad models rose to seven, as there were multiple models listed with other regulatory. According to the rumors based on this information, the new models could be the 10.2-inch one, and others could be 9.7-inch iPad models based on iPadOS 13.

This year, Apple has listed five new model numbers for iPad with Eurasian Economic Commission and other regulatory. This means that Apple has now nearly seven iPads in the line to test or to release shortly. Most of the technology nerds were anticipating the new iPad devices from Apple, as it’s been years since the company has launched a new device. The filings indicate that all of the iPad devices will run on the latest iPadOS 13, which was released by Apple solely for the iPad devices.

The mass production has started for new iPad devices in Chinese factories of Apple’s manufacturing partners. So, the company has to file the details about the devices before being able to sell them in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. The filing with Eurasian Economic commission does not share any more details except the type of device, product code, and other information like the operating system. Along with these entries, Apple also added an existing Mac models, which will ship to the Eurasian countries in coming days with MacOS Catalina preinstalled. Although these filings won’t provide many details about the devices, the tech experts are happy to confirm the arrival of new iPad models in the market soon.


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