President Trump Said US Soon Going To Sign A Trade Deal With Japan

President Trump Said US Soon Going To Sign A Trade Deal With Japan


Currently, the united states of America is trying to sign a trade deal, not with China, but with Japan. President Donald Trump is on his tour of Japan, where he is planning to meet Japan’s president Shinzo Abe to talk about both countries trade relations. Japan-US had bittersweet trade relations from last few years, however, now president trump is trying to change that image. While speaking to the press, Trump said his goal is to remove all the trade barrier between US-Japan.

According to Trump, the trade imbalance of the USA with Japan is at a colossal level which he wants to improve. While talking about this, the Japanese stock market performed well. Nikkei stock market gave a positive response because of such good talks between Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump. Currently, the situation for the US is not good because it’s having a trade war issue with Asia’s largest nation, China. Now to get the support of Japan president trump has decided to come and visit this country.

President Trump described that Japan is a type of hard nation to convince, but he thinks the US will have a good trade deal with Japan. The trade and security issues are what bothering both countries to sign a trade deal, but Trump thinks both countries can overcome such obstacles. Japan has bought lots of military items from US, which makes it one of the largest buyer from Asia region. On Monday, Trump said that both countries are going to announce big things in August. Trade negotiations have always been hard for any other countries because president Trump is famous for his blunt decisions, which are now costing China billions of dollars but then same thing is not going to happen with Japan.

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