Power Issues on the International Space Station Causing Delays in SpaceX's Flight

Power Issues on the International Space Station Causing Delays in SpaceX’s Flight


The power generation on the International Space Station is complicated and is facing the issues. Recently, the problems with the power relays on the International Space Station caused the blackout of some of the power channels. Although the problems are not affecting the crew members, the blackout problem is critical and might affect the entire crew members pretty soon. Even after the massive switch failure, ISS still has the power to perform daily activities and run the experiments. The issue has to be fixed before any other spacecraft can dock to the ISS for supplies mission or the crew change mission.

The International Space Station depends on the massive solar panel arrays, that gather the sunlight and generates electricity. The generated power is routed through the four relay switches, which then stores the electricity in the onboard Lithium-ion batteries. But, one of the four switches are not working, and that is causing the power supply downtime on the ISS. Fortunately, the power outage is not affecting the crew members by any means, but to avoid further problems, NASA is delaying the SpaceX’s Dragon supply mission for ISS Crews.

The Dragon Supply mission needs to be docked with the help of the Robotic arm on the ISS, which is powered by one of the electricity channels that is not working at this time. To save energy and fix the issues, NASA has postponed the launch. SpaceX was supposed to launch the Dragon supply mission this week. NASA wants the astronauts to fix the problem before the SpaceX’s flight takes off. If SpaceX launches the flight and ISS robotic arm does not have any power, then there is no option for the astronauts to grab the supplies and to let it drift away from the ISS.