plant-based diet can rescue the risk of cardiovascular disease by 32%

Plant-Based Diet Can Rescue The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease By 32%


When it comes to eating, many people don’t give that much importance to what sort of food they’re consuming. Many people want to stay healthy and don’t want to attract any related heart diseases. However, a new health study found by following a plant diet one can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers found that those people who were following a plant-based diet had more than 32% chances of not getting a heart attack. A case study published in the American Heart Association shows that eating vegetables, whole grain, and fewer percentage of meat can reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Researchers decided to examine participants who were middle-aged people, and there were more than 12168 people who enrolled in this health study. After reviewing each participant and their respective diet, researchers found a linkage between following a healthy diet and reducing cardiovascular disease.

Researchers said those people who followed a strict plant-based diet had reduced risk by more than 16% of diagnosing with heart disease. These people were less likely to die from a heart attack, stroke, or any other thing. Another essential thing which researchers found is that these people were less likely to die from any other disease by more than 25%. Experts said a person shouldn’t abandon eating unhealthy products like fast food, meat, etc. Instead, they should consume fewer quantities of these things because it would make them healthy and will improve the immune system also. People should be eating more nuts, fresh vegetables, and a lesser amount of meat, fast food, plus other unhealthy products. Unprocessed food should be on the priority of people because they contain the correct nutrition which our body requires. Many people go on eating unhealthy food which does nothing but harms their body.