NVIDIA to Stop Supporting 3D Glasses in April

NVIDIA to Stop Supporting 3D Glasses in April


NVIDIA’s 3D glasses is one of the most underrated devices that people should’ve noticed. The device named as “3D Vision”, a stereoscopic 3D glasses for gaming are out of trend as the VR and AR headsets are taking its place. The devices are made with the intention to introduce a three-dimensional element in it. The company will end the official support for these devices by pushing the final driver update #418 in April. The update 418 will be the last driver update for the supported devices, and after that, the users will not receive any update for the same.

The company is said to provide emergency and critical updates for the same to fix the vulnerabilities. If any issue arises, then the company will release necessary updates no later than 2020. Not just the 3D vision glasses, but the related software programs are not receiving the support from the company. The 3DTV Play software for running games on 3D tv will become free in the final update and also the 3D vision video player app will come for free in the last update. After the deadline, nothing will receive any regular bug fix and feature improvement updates except the critical issues that might affect the privacy of the users.

While announcing this decision, NVIDIA didn’t share the reasons behind shutting down the support division for 3D vision glasses. As the increasing trend of VR glasses is taking over the market, using 3D glasses is impractical for most of the people. The VR headsets are much affordable and useful than the 3D vision glasses in every aspect. The decision makes sense as there is no need to support the older technology in which no one is interested. Currently, NVIDIA is investing in the VR glasses, GPU architecture, which will be helpful for them in the long term.

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