Nokia Phones Sending Data to Chinese Servers - Finland Government to Investigate

Nokia Phones Sending Data to Chinese Servers – Finland Government to Investigate


Privacy is the biggest concern for most of the smartphone users, as the companies desperately trying to get data from the users in one way or another. Not all online services are secure and honest enough to not to share the collected data for snooping or advertising. But in the recently reported cases, the Nokia smartphone was spotted abruptly sending some of the user data to Chinese servers. According to the cases reported in Finland, the smartphone from HMD Global was sending some data to Chinese servers in a suspicious manner.

Currently, HMD Global group holds the Nokia brand and manufactures the same in China with the help of Foxconn. This is the first time the company is facing some issues related to the smartphones and the data being sent to Chinese servers. According to the reports, a Nokia 7 Plus user spotted the phone to connect with a Chinese server and uploaded the data in an unencrypted format without getting consent from the smartphone user. This is not the case of negligence from the company, as HMD Global has accepted the fact that the smartphones are sending information to the Chinese servers.

HMD Global representatives accepted the data transfer over to the Chinese servers, but they didn’t disclose whose servers are they and why the company is collecting the data. Representatives also noted that the company had not received any personal information from the users by any means. The company claimed that the software processing issue in one batch of the Nokia 7 Plus smartphones is the reason behind this issue, and the company has never processed the uploaded data. They also claimed that most of the affected smartphones have already received an update which would fix the issue. It’s not a good thing for the company, as Finland Authorities are going to investigate the same for violation of the data and privacy rules in the country.

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