nearly a hundred cases of a lung sickness & illness could be related to vaping

Nearly a Hundred Cases of a Lung sickness & Illness Could Be Related to Vaping


Federal and state health officers are inspecting almost a hundred cases of lung sicknesses & illnesses linked to e-cigarette and vaping use in fourteen states and lots of them involving young adults and teen. Most of them have been hospitalized with some on ventilators and some in the intensive care unit.  State officials said that 31 patients have been confirmed and 12 patients are under the investigation. The medical officials say that it is not confirmed whether these patients will fully improve and recover. The symptoms for these include chest pain, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing before hospitalization. Health experts said patients have also suffered from cough, fever, diarrhea, and vomiting.

The health experts are working with health teams in California, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota states said by the disease control, as well as Prevention Center. The Health Officials and disease control centers don’t know that the sickness and illnesses are related with the e-cigarette equipment themselves or with specific contaminants or ingredients inhaled through devices. There are a variety of products like marijuana-based products and nicotine which can be inhaled through the e-cigarette. Highlighting growing concern, health officials say they are informing clinicians and health-care systems across the nation about the illnesses. E-cigarettes are grown very popular in the last decade. The leading cigarettes brand, Juul, said that it is checking the results of illnesses and weaknesses and has “strong safety monitoring structures in place.” About 11 million teen & adults vape nicotine products without any major issues,” said by Gregory Conley. Gregory Conley is the president of Vaping Association of America. Vaping Association of America is the group that monitors vaping products.

“The products which cause lung damage are cheaply made street vapes, which contains illegal drugs or THC, not nicotine” said by Gregory Conley. In 2017, more than 3.5 million US high school learners said they had used e-cigarettes.