NASA’s Mars Orbiter Has Spotted Star Trek Symbol on the Red Planet

NASA’s Mars Orbiter Has Spotted Star Trek Symbol on the Red Planet


Maybe it is the first time to catch Starfleet and see whether they have established a base on Mars. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has captured an image which reveals the shape of the famous logo from Star Trek. Thus it seems like Starfleet is actually embedded on the Red Planet. Scientists have spotted a dune on the surface of Mars that has acquired the shape of the Starfleet logo. Although Starfleet is an organization of space exploration, diplomacy, research, defense, and peacekeeping, it is still unclear how did it end up on the Martian planet.

Scientists surmise the shapes, spotted in the southeast Hellas Planitia region of Mars, would have formed due to the wind, lava, and dunes. At some point in the history of Mars, the half-moon shaped dunes were present in the region. As a result of an explosion, lava spilled out, moving around the dunes but it did not cover the dunes. After some time, lava settled there, and those dunes emerged like islands. As the dunes are mountains of loose sand, wind enables them to move from one place to another. The dunes migrated by leaving their traces behind, which are often called as dune casts.

It is the theory behind the logo of Starfleet captured on the Red Planet. Thus it cannot be home for aliens or Starfleet base until scientists get some more clues about it. NASA published the image on Twitter alongside the line: ‘Enterprising viewers will discover that these features look conspicuously like a famous logo’. People shared their appreciation for the series, as well as sharing the news with fellow experts. Currently, the University of Arizona manages the MRO HiRISE (High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) camera. According to the University, it is only a coincidence. Scientists working with the HiRISE instrument have spent many years analyzing the features they notice in Mars images. Thus they have a good knowledge of how this particular shape took place.

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