Ultima Thule Asteroid

NASA Reveals Stunning Images of Ultima Thule Asteroid


NASA’s New Horizons Space probe performed a flyby maneuver by the Ultima Thule asteroid, which is orbiting the sun. The Flyby maneuver was completed on the January 1st and the new year started with a Bang for the NASA scientists. Now, NASA has shared the stunning images of the Ultima Thule Asteroid taken by the onboard camera of New Horizons Spacecraft. Before this image, the scientists thought that the Ultima Thule is the single object, but from the photos, it is clear that the Ultima Thule is made of two space objects and not one.

After receiving and processing the data from New Horizons flyby nearly 25 days ago, NASA finally shared a detailed look of the asteroid, which shows the big asteroid. In the image, we can see the craters and ridges on the Ultima Thule and also the contact point of the two objects making it look like a single object. NASA Scientists said that these images are helping them to understand the object and unravel the mysteries. Also, they said that NASA is hoping to get multiple colored images to understand the asteroid more and more.

New Horizons Spacecraft is more than four billion miles away from the earth and performed the flyby maneuver. As the distance is so long, the time to receive the radio signals is very high, and it takes nearly six hours to obtain a fraction of the data. As the fraction of data is received every six years, it took 25 days to collect all the data and process it to share with the public. Even though the image is sent by the spacecraft, it will continue to send the data back to earth for a few more days as it gathers other data in flyby missions.