nasa discovers an exoplanet with three red stars

NASA Discovers an Exoplanet with Three Red Stars


NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or the TESS telescope is scanning the space for exoplanets like earth. In the recent discovery, the satellite has found a new Exoplanet, which has three red suns. On this planet, there are three sunsets and sunrises, as the planet seems to orbit around the giant red stars. The astronomers have named this exoplanet as LTT 1445Ab. The planet orbits around one of the three suns. The three red stars are classified as mid-to-late-life Red Dwarf stars. These stars are at the end of their life cycle and are glowing in the red color, indicating the end of their life is near. These stars will die with a supernova or might leave a giant black hole.

According to the research paper published online, the exoplanet is orbiting the primary star.  The radius of LTT 1445Ab exoplanet is described as 1.38 R_Earth, means it is 1.38 times bigger than our planet. Also, the planet and its stars are nearly 22-light-years away from our planet. In the astronomical terms, a light-year is the distance taken by a ray of light to travel in a year. In short, light travels six trillion miles per year, and the exoplanet is nearly 132 trillion miles away.

The exoplanet LTT 1445Ab is orbiting a primary Red dwarf star. The red dwarf is the smallest and longest-lived type of the stars in the universe, which glow red hot. Such stars are at the end of their life as they are rapidly burning the fuel. According to the published report, the LTT 1445Ab system is the second nearest exoplanet system to our planet. Also, it is the only known exoplanet system, which has multiple Red Dwarfs and one primary star. The paper was published in Astronomy Journal and other online sources.

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