Ebola Treatment Camp

MSF Suspends Ebola Treatment Camp in Congo after Attacks


MSF, a humanitarian organization in the Republic of Congo, had suspended its operations in the country after attacks on their facilities. The organization was providing the service for Ebola-infected patients and has stopped the service after two unknown intruders burned the facilities. Medecins Sans Frontieres has suspended all their Ebola treatment activities at the Epicenter in the Republic of Congo as assailants destroy the treatment camps. The organization was providing the Ebola treatments as the massive Ebola outbreak is affecting thousands of people in the country.

Medecins Sans Frontieres has two separate facilities in the North Kivu region of the Congo. The treatment facilities were set up by the French organization to cure Ebola patients in the country. But as the aid workers faced some mistrust issues in the region, the mission was already in jeopardy. Now, the unknown assailants from the area have torched the camps, and that has prompted the organization the current Ebola outbreak in the country has prompted many humanitarian organizations in the world to provide services in the Congo. With more than 500 people died of the Ebola, this is considered as one of the most significant Ebola Outbreaks in the world.

According to the reports, the attack on the camps happened on ten O’ clock on Sunday Night, when a group of 20 to 100 men came and burned down the facility. This was the first attack and the second attack happened on Wednesday night when the similar groups threw stones and burned down the facility within fifteen minutes. Many of the infected and suspected patients ran away after the attacks started. In all of the action, one police officer was killed by assailant mob.MSF and other organizations working in the area as returning to their home until the government and officials can ensure the safe working environment for doctors and the patients.