Microsoft Testing Windows Defender Extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Testing Windows Defender Extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


Microsoft is trying to make Windows Defender as one of the best available Antivirus and Antimalware programs in the market. The recent release of Microsoft Defender for Mac computers is the evidence for saying so. Now, we’ve spotted that Microsoft is pushing Windows Defender Extension for popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The latest Windows Insider Program release installed the Defender Extension in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, two of the most popular web browser programs in the world. The Windows Defender Application Guard will keep a keen eye on your web browsing activity and will stop you from visiting any potential harmful website.

All those who’ve enrolled in the Windows Insider Program to download beta builds and provide bug reports and feedback noticed the addition of Application Guard Extension. The extension relies on the Windows Defender application, which is the default antivirus and antimalware software program in Windows. According to the explanation provided by Microsoft, the extension works by checking the URL of the website that the user is visiting. The extension checks the site URL with the list of trusted site and gives a green or red signal on the site’s trust status with Microsoft.

The Application Guard extension is not only for the Individual users but for the corporate users too. The Corporate users will get more security with this extension, safeguarding the web browsing by any employee that would have resulted in data theft. As of now, the feature is only available in the Windows Insider Build. As the company is testing the feature, it is expected to come with the October 2019 Update of Windows 10, which is one of the significant updates everyone is waiting for. To get access to this extension, the users need to have Genuine Windows 10 License, a Microsoft account and then enrol into the Insider Program to download and install the Test Builds.

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