Microsoft Announced New Generation Xbox At E3

Microsoft Announced New Generation Xbox At E3


E3 2019 is undergoing, and the tech companies are conducting the conferences at the event to announce the new products and the vision. The main attraction today at E3 2019 was the press conference from Microsoft, where the company announced new generation lineup of the Xbox gaming consoles. With the codename, Scarlet, the new generation Xbox gaming console lineups will have splendid hardware and plethora of games coming for the console. According to Microsoft, the New Xbox Scarlett will be released somewhere around in Winter season globally.

Microsoft’s New generation Xbox was expected by the tech community for a long time. With the high-end hardware and new games that will come later once the product is released. With the minor details about the expected launch date, the New Generation Xbox is still in the production phase. Microsoft hasn’t shared much information about the Xbox, except for the launch date and the codename. Also, we have no information about the upcoming games, and we don’t expect Microsoft to share the same before the actual release. Being a long-anticipated announcement, the new generation Xbox devices surely surprised most of the gaming experts.

The official release of the new Xbox will coincide with the Halo infinite, which got the new trailer. Microsoft showed off a new trailer of Halo Infinite in the same press conference at E3 2019. For the reference, Microsoft said that the new Xbox Scarlett is four times powerful than Xbox One X. The device will come with the 8K gaming and video output, will come with customizable SSD and also the supported Max framerate of 120FPS. Currently, all of the Xbox devices support only 60FPS gaming with SSD and 4K resolution. Next-gen hardware and minor improvements will help the device to achieve lower load times and higher graphics performance.

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