massive data breach at capital one affects 100 million customers

Massive Data Breach at Capital One Affects 100 Million Customers


Today, Capital One faced a massive data breach where the personal credentials of more than 100 million customers were compromised. With the enormous data breach, the attacker stole the personal information, credit card details, and social security numbers of the Capital One customers. Paige A. Thompson is the lead suspect in this Massive data breach, and the Police arrested the perpetrator. Paige A. Thompson is accused of stealing the personal information of the 100 million users from Capital One. This data breach is one of the most significant breaches in the history of data breaches.

The data theft occurred between March 12th, 2019, and July 17th, 2019. The data stolen from the cloud server of Capital One consists mainly of the personal information of the users and their social security numbers. According to the official press release from Capital One, nearly 100 million customers from the United States and 6 Million Canadian customers were affected by this breach. The cloud servers of the company had a vulnerability which was exploited by the perpetrator. Capital One spotted the data breach on July 19th and immediately patched the vulnerability. After patching, they worked together with the Federal Agencies to catch the attacker.

Richard D. Fairbank, Capital One chairman, and CEO said that they are happy to see the attacker behind bars. Also, he apologized to all of the customers for this data breach. According to the details shared by Capital One, nearly 140,000 Social security numbers and 80,000 bank account numbers were leaked to the attacker in this breach. Not just these, by the bank, said that the personal information of nearly 100 million users was exposed to the attacker, including the name, age, address, self-reported income and date of birth of each customer. Fortunately, the Federal Law Enforcement agencies immediately arrested the perpetrator.