Many Wall Street Experts Are Worried About Tesla After Its CFO Resigned From His Position


Many investors saw Tesla going through its hardest phase and at that time company was managed by some smartest persons in silicon valley. Deepak Ahuja who is a CFO of Tesla has recently decided to leave company suddenly, and his decision has made many investors on Wall Street nervous. Ahuja who has been Chief Financial Officer if Tesla from its beginning has an immense amount of knowledge and experience. Elon Musk has already praised him for his excellent work, and since company will no longer be able to get valuable advice from Ahuja, that’s making many investors worried about Tesla’s future.

Some experts are saying it’s a loss of institutional knowledge because finance of company like Tesla can’t be handled by people who don’t have any experience. Zach Kirkhorn will take the place of Ahuja as he has been announced as the new CFO of Tesla, but many experts are sceptical about this decision. According to analysts from Wall Street Kirkhorn will not be able to handle a company whose valuation is more than fifty billion dollars. Zach Kirkhorn has never dealt with that much high dignity position before, due to which some analysts are saying that giving company’s financial operations into the hands of an inexperienced person is not a good thing.

Deepak Ahuja who has been successfully taken Tesla along with Elon Musk has taken Tesla from its worst phase to top one, and now many are questioning on his decision of leaving Tesla suddenly. However, Elon Musk said that company will always recognise Ahuja as one of the most influential people and he will be a senior advisor for company.