National Guidelines

Less Than 5% Of Adolescents Are Following National Guidelines For Minimum Sleep, Exercise and Screen Time Usage


When it comes to maintaining a healthy body, a person will have to be a lot more disciplined, and it seems like most of the adolescents in the USA are not following a healthy lifestyle. According to a recent health study published in JAMA Pediatrics which shows many adolescents living in the USA are not following national guidelines of exercising, sleeping and screen time usage. In this study, researchers found less than five percent of total adolescents actually get the right amount of sleep and follow all other requirements.

According to national guidelines, children aged between 6 to 12 years old shall get a minimum sleep of 9-12 years. On the other hand, children aged 14-18 years shall get eight to ten hours of sleep every night. However, according to researchers, no one’s seriously following these guidelines because only one out twenty adolescents are getting right amount of sleep.National guidelines also state that a teenager shall engage in physical activities for at least one hour every day, but if we look into the data of this health study then it shows that no teenager does exercise on a daily basis.

Some researchers have shocked after seeing that there are only a few adolescents who are hitting the benchmarks and they think that such type of unhealthy lifestyle might cause more severe problems. Not getting enough amount of sleep and spending too much time in front TV screen is not good for health and this health study is a wake-up call for all those parents who want to keep their children healthy. Mostly such type of adolescents faces problems of obesity, diabetes and even mental illnesses like depression also. It’s always better to follow a healthy lifestyle routine which will keep you away from deadly diseases.