Hubble Space Telescope Facing Camera Glitch After Software Problem

Hubble Space Telescope Facing Camera Glitch After Software Problem


Hubble Space Telescope is orbiting the earth and sending stunning images of the cosmic objects. But the exploration of the space is stumbled as the space telescope is suffering a camera glitch. The software for the cameras was loaded incorrectly, which caused the camera to suspend the activities. The glitch appeared when ground control loaded the software into the Advanced Camera for Surveys, and it has suspended the activities till scientists download the logs and try to find the fix. Even though the Advanced Camera for Surveys is not working this time, the telescope is working correctly without any other problem.

According to the statement shared by NASA, the agency spotted the error during “routine boot procedure.” The error indicated the failure of the software that was incorrectly loaded into the camera. After detecting the error, system engineers, flight software experts, and flight operations downloaded the log data from the telescope and are analyzing the cause and the solutions for the same. As of now, the team of engineers, software experts, and flight operations are working to find the recovery plan for the advanced camera for surveys.

After facing the glitch, only the advanced camera for surveys is not working on the telescope. But all other surveillance instruments and cameras like Wide Field Camera 3, Cosmic Origins Spectrograph and Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph are working fine and sending the data back on ground control station. It is quite common for the Hubble space telescope to face such glitches, as the telescope was launched back in 1990 when the computer technology was not that advanced. In the next few missions for repairing and maintenance for Hubble Space Telescope, the advanced camera for surveys was installed in 2002. This is not the first time when this camera has faced technical issues. In 2007, the same camera met the Power Supply failure problem, which was fixed later.

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