Huawei Will Use TomTom as a Substitute for Google Maps

Huawei Will Use TomTom as a Substitute for Google Maps


Chinese tech giant Huawei will function with TomTom, a Dutch digital mapping company. Through the effort, Huawei aims to integrate maps into its phones. According to a TomTom representative, the deal occurred a little while ago, but it became common in the previous week. Well, it seems like a signal for the US that Huawei can make things possible without Google Maps. The deal also means that the Chinese tech giant is taking more measures to lessen the impact of an American trade ban. In 2019, the U.S. commerce department placed Huawei in the entity list. The effort obstructs U.S. companies to do business with Huawei. Even more, those businesses require federal permission or an exclusive license to deal with Huawei.

As a result, Google has halted Huawei from accessing the Android operating system. Even more, it has obstructed Huawei from accessing its proprietary services and apps along with Google Maps. On the other hand, TomTom upholds self-branded apps on Android and iOS. Reportedly, Huawei is developing its individual apps by using TomTom’s traffic information, maps, and navigation tools. Well, it is not the first time TomTom is offering data to a company. Before this, the Dutch digital mapping company has provided data for Apple Maps. The offering remained a part of a chaotic patchwork of data provides at the introduction.

Previously, many reports have revealed that the Chinese tech giant is developing a well-developed mapping system, Map Kit. Well, Huawei may use the software for app developers and could utilize data from its personal telecom base stations. Apart from this, the Chinese tech-giant may get data from Yandex, a Russian tech giant. Although, the latest TomTom deal maybe a signal that Huawei is at the latest temporarily bowing out Map Kit. Another possibility is, it is still functioning on the technology and requires a temporary solution. Above all, Huawei has unveiled Harmony OS, its independent OS, and a substitute for Android. The Harmony OS has a specialty to function across various devices like smartphones, TVs, IoT gadgets, and tablets. The company also aims to unroll the same in the upcoming few years.

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