Huawei coming with HongMeng OS After Google Ceases Android License

Huawei coming with HongMeng OS After Google Ceases Android License


Huawei is in deep troubles as the Federal Order has put the company in Entity list of the United States Department of Commerce, barring Huawei from trading with US Based companies without Government approval. As Google is also restricted from providing the services to Huawei with Android Operating System, the company has come up with the HongMeng OS, which will be used in the future Huawei devices. According to the sources close to Huawei, the company was working on the HongMeng OS from the last few years anticipating the move from the Government of the United States of America.

Recently, Google announced that the existing devices from Huawei will have the Google Play Store functionality, but will not receive the Android updates anymore till the Ban is active from the government. So, Huawei is planning to release HongMeng OS for the future devices to tackle the absence of Android operating system. With this action, the blow to the Huawei will be mitigated, and it’ll be more comfortable for the company to launch new smartphones immediately. The HongMeng operating system is under trial on the smartphones and will gradually replace Android in almost all of the existing and future devices from the company.

Huawei is currently the second biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and this decision of Google to cease business partnership with Huawei will affect smartphone production. Huawei has a different version of Android for Chinese markets to comply with local regulations. Also, multiple media sources from China reported a few days ago that the company would launch new devices based on Kirin OS. It is a pretty hard transition for Huawei to move from Android to HongMeng OS, as the company is the second largest smartphone manufacturer. There is no official statement from Huawei at this moment, but we might hear from them pretty soon.

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