how images of melanoma skins could trigger people for prevention

How Images of Melanoma skins could trigger people for prevention


A rapid rise of melanoma in some countries such as in Utah, it is a serious matter to is a type of skin cancer which occurs in the cell that creates melanin and called melanocyte. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, it is the most common disease in Canada and nearby regions. Melanoma is the lethal skin cancer but also preventable if diagnosed at the initial stage. Melanoma affects more in men as compared to women, and it is slightly more harmful to people with fair skin and red hair. Peoples with all ages and genders are at risk but mostly diagnosed in young people aging between 16 and 30.

According to Kevin John, director at Brigham Young University for the eye-tracking lab said, Utah is at risk of melanoma as never before. He said Beehive state’s people are not taking proper prevention for the disease, in the way they should be, which cause a high risk of increasing Melanoma. John said Utah is in the middle of the epidemic of melanoma and asked more people to get screened. If melanoma diagnosed at an early stage, it is easily treatable.

John and other members of biometrics lab and Utah University studied and did every possible method to spread awareness among the people of Utah. John and team showing images of cancerous skin and moles caused by sunlight in public to aware them. He said it gets people attention. A little fear is better than the remedy, and it also takes peoples to the diagnostic labs for screening. An image released by john of his face clearly shows how much sun damages the skin exactly.

According to the Utah Cancer Action Network, Melanoma is the most common skin cancer diagnosed in Utah and USA. Health report Department of Utah released a report that the cases of melanoma are continuously rising every year. In 1930, the rate of melanoma was 1 in 1,500, but now the chances reached to 1 in 55, which is severe. Researchers showed more than 60 sun affected images to approximately 2,000 people across the United States to spread the awareness which induces enough fear in people to take them in action. Kelvin said he wants to influence people so that they go for screening on their own. Majorly melanomas detected in patients by their relatives and close ones. John said, let’s prevent melanoma by spreading anymore by getting screened and suggesting friends and family get screened.