Honda's American Division Shutting Down Second-Shift at Marysville Plant

Honda’s American Division Shutting Down Second-Shift at Marysville Plant


Honda’s American Manufacturing division will shut down the second shift at Marysville Auto Plant line-1 from August 1st. The shut down is temporary as the company is expected to resume the manufacturing operations from Line-1 within a few years from the shutdown date. Honda of America is planning to reduce the production and align with the Market supplies and demands by shutting down the Line-1 in Marysville Auto Plant. In the meantime, the company can focus on other important projects like Electrification of the vehicles.

With the shut down of Second Shift at Line-1 in Marysville Plant, there will be no impact on the employees. The Honda officials said that the entire workforce would work with the company after workforce adjustments throughout other plants is complete. Workforce adjustment is supposed to take a few more days. The decision is not going to impact the employees, but it will inevitably impact Anna Engine Plant and at Honda Transmission and the supply chain companies due to change in the demands from Maryville Plant. The change will help the company to strengthen its supply chain, key manufacturing capabilities all over the plants in North America.

According to the company, nearly 55-percent of the first time car buyer opt for passenger cars. Due to the intense demands, the company is sticking to Sedan and Passenger cars manufacturing as of now. The Maryville Auto Plant’s Line 1 produces the cars like Honda Accord, Accord FHEV, Honda CR-V, Acura ILX and Acura TLX in two shifts for now. Two lines run on Two shifts. From August 1st, Line 1 will only have one shift and the second line will continue to run in two shifts. The temporary shut down of a shift at Maryville Manufacturing plant will help the company to understand the capabilities and produce high-quality vehicles in the future from the same plant.