Google's Allo Messenger Says Final Goodbye

Google’s Allo Messenger Says Final Goodbye


Google’s Allo Messenger was discontinued by the company a long time ago, and today, it is going offline forever. The company is turning off the messenger app for good after it failed miserably to garner the attention. Google launched the Allo messenger along with the Duo app, which was the video chatting application. Google Duo become famous and collected millions of active users, but the Allo messenger failed to sustain. That’s why the company decided to shut down this messaging app. Later today, the app will go offline globally, and users will not be able to send or receive messages.

Google launched Allo and Duo apps in 2016 with the aim to compete with WhatsApp and Skype. But the Allo failed miserably and never got any love from the users. The app is going offline later today and will disable all the functions, except the option to export the chats. The users can download the chat history from the App settings page. The chat history will be saved in the CSV format for easy access. The photos, contacts and the videos shared on the Allo Messenger can be downloaded in the ZIP file format.

Google was not happy with the performance of Allo messenger and discontinued it, just like they are doing with the Google Plus social media website. The company has stripped some of the features from Allo messenger and introduced them in the RCS-based messaging application. The features like GIF sharing and smart reply are introduced in the RCS-based messaging app, which is doing good in getting attention from Android users. Unlike Allo, Google Duo app is doing good and have millions of active users. With the features like Audio and Video calls for free, the company is keeping the Duo alive and might introduce the features of Allo in it sometime in the future.

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