Google Launched Password Checkup Chrome Extension to Warn Users of Stolen Passwords

Google Launched Password Checkup Chrome Extension to Warn Users of Stolen Passwords


The Internet is not the safe place at all, as many of the famous and secure websites are facing constant data leaks and the hacking attacks. Recently, we’ve seen the massive data leak, that had the information about the passwords of nearly 773 million email addresses from different services. Now, to tackle the issue, Google has released a Chrome extension to show the warning if the password is already stolen in any data leak. The Chrome extension is Named as Password Checkup by Google and is available on Chrome Store for downloading.

After the massive data breach, the companies always advise their users to change the password immediately to prevent account hijacking. Although the chance is very high, many people ignore these warnings and might give the opportunity to the hackers to hack their accounts. That’s why Google has launched this extension and will warn users if their passwords are leaked on the internet. The extension scans the saved passwords in Google Chrome or monitors the new passwords through the database of hacked emails and passwords. If matched, the extension will glow in red and show a warning to not to use that password.

The extension will show a warning to the users and will force them to change their password to something more secure. Mostly, Google is now showing the suggested password to improve account security. The extension will also store the password data on your computer and even on the cloud. But due to the secure network system, the password data is almost impenetrable by the hackers, said Google. The extension uses the techniques like Hashing, K-anonymity, Blinding, and private information retrieval to protect the data from being revealed in server-side processing.

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