google is trying again on social media by working on shoelessa

Google Is Trying Again On Social Media By Working On Shoeless


When it comes to social media, one thing which everyone likes about it is the usability of it. Now the latest report shows that Google is reportedly working on building another social media platforms after shutting down Google +. Google’s incubator Area 120 is working on building a social networking app called Shoeless, which can be used to organize the local events by connecting with people. Shoeless is going to be the best app for those who like to participate in local activities. Because by becoming a member and adding your interests, you can handpick what type of activities you want to join.

This app also gives a feature of organizing your own events, and in it, you will get to see the events in Map interface. Google a few days ago, officially decided to shut down its popular social media platform Google+, which got lots of popularity among users. Now Google is trying not to compete with big companies like Facebook and Twitter, and they have focused on a small niche market.

Since Facebook has started helping people to create events, Google has now tried to make an official service by concentrating on event organizing. Unfortunately, previous records of Google shows that the company had come up with a similar idea in the past also. They launched a similar event organizing app called “Schemer,” which was launched in 2011 and got shut down within three years. Shoeless is currently in invite-only form, which means users will have to wait for some time to make it launch on a more significant level. Now, the app is available only in New York City, and the company is working on expanding into more cities in upcoming months. So it will be interesting to see whether Shoeless is going to be more successful than its predecessors or not.