Google is Banning Marijuana Home Delivery Apps from Play Store

Google is Banning Marijuana Home Delivery Apps from Play Store


Google recently updated the Terms of Service and added a new clause that bars Marijuana delivery apps from the Google Play Store. The applications that facilitate the sale of THC, Delivery and pickup arrangements of Marijuana and anything that deals with the Marijuana except the medical apps are being removed from the Google Play Store. Google is currently focusing on making Google Play Store a reliable app marketplace and is hammering the suspicious apps and the apps that are not safe for the community. Removal of all of the Marijuana related apps is the example of the same.

Google aims to make the Play Store Family-friendly, mainly the kids friendly. With malicious apps and socially harmful apps, the environment is not being great for kids and families. That’s why Google is cleaning the play store and removing all of the malicious and unwanted apps that pollute the Play Store Marketplace environment. With this policy update, all of the apps that deal with Marijuana are gone except the Eaze and Weedmaps. According to Google, they are removing the in-app purchase elements that encourage the online ordering system and allow the app developers to stay in the Play Store.

David Mack, senior vice president of policy and public affairs at Eaze said that with this policy update, the teenagers would face a lot of problems purchasing online cannabis. In most of the States in the United States and countries do not allow the citizens to engage in weed consumption. It’s an illegal thing in most of the countries with a few exceptions in consumption form and also the legal age. According to the spokesperson of Google, the new policy update did not mean at general Marijuana related apps as long as they put the e-commerce feature outside the scope of the app.

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