Google Got Fined From EU For Breaking Another Antitrust Law

Google Got Fined From EU For Breaking Another Antitrust Law


If there’s one company which has a monopoly over the search engine, then it’s Google which everyone knows, but very few people know that this tech giant company been facing lots of problems from the last couple of days. According to recent reports, the EU antitrust Commission fined Google for not complying rules relating to its advertising policies, and that’s why now it will have to pay more than $1.5 billion. Antitrust Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said that Google was forcing its AdSense customers to sign those agreements in which it was urging advertisers not to sign any contracts with other search engines.

Now, this act was considered by EU commission as against the antitrust rules also that’s why they imposed such a high penalty on Google. If we look back then last few months, have not been good for Google since it faced lots of criticism from European countries. Now this fine is the third largest penalty imposed on Google by European Commission in last few years. Last year Google was fined €4.3 billion for using its dominance over the mobile industry which showed us that many giant companies are trying to use their position to book a tremendous amount of profit. Google went through many controversies especially regarding its data sharing policies with its advertisers.

In order to stop the manipulation of European people, EU managed to bring a new rule called GDPR which states that no company has right to take users data without their permission. Now under this rule, other tech giant companies like Facebook has also got hit with many penalties. Today’s fine imposed by EU on Google is lower in terms of the amount of money, but it will show us that Google is not complying with prescribed rules even after giving fair warnings.

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