Google Chrome

Google Chrome will Soon Get Multimedia Key Support


Multimedia keys on the keyboard are useful for those who are watching movies or listening to music from third-party apps. But these keys were useless for those who are watching movies or listening to the songs from the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome never support the multimedia keys to control audio and video playback. But now, the browser will receive an update that will enable the Multimedia key support. Using which, the users can control the audio and video playback using the provided keys on their keyboard.

Many users complained that Chrome does not support the Multimedia keys to control media playback. Users accessing the Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Spotify, or any other streaming service felt helpless while pressing those provided multimedia keys. That is not the case as according to the popular news website ZDNet, Google will provide an update in coming few days to enable the support. There are many apps like Music Player and Video players that support, but the most popular browser had this feature missing. People have to use external extensions from the Google App Store to get this functionality. Now, it is coming natively, and people won’t have to install extensions to enable it.

With this update, Google Chrome will support play/pause, start, stop, forward, back, volume up, volume down, and mute features if the multimedia keys are present on the keyboard. The feature will also work when Chrome is running in the background, and you are working on other applications. The update, Chrome 73 will be out somewhere in next month and will be made available on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS devices. The Linux update will be delayed a bit by a few days if we believe on ZDnet website.