google announced sustainability plan for future - to use eco-friendly material from 2022

Google Announced Sustainability Plan for Future – To Use Eco-Friendly material from 2022


To embark on the journey of Sustainability and Eco-friendliness, the internet giant Google announced the new plans. The company announced the new plans for sustainability and making the hardware greener than ever by 2022. By the target year of 2022, the company is planning to use fully recyclable materials in the hardware that they use. The company is willing to improve the impact on the environment its equipment make in terms of pollution and other things. One of the biggest goals is the use of recyclable materials in the devices and also other few important goals that will help the company to achieve environmental sustainability.

Bu 2020, Google is planning to make all of the hardware shipments to and from its customer’s carbon neutral. Which means, any hardware sold or received from the customers will have no carbon emission, ensuring zero carbon footprint. Starting in 2022, the company is expected to make all of the products with 100% recyclable materials. Only the Made by Google products will have the 100% recyclable materials used in it to avoid electronic waste. Google announced the new sustainability policy in a detailed blog post.

According to the information shared in a blog post, Google will keep customers first and expand access to the benefits of society. All of the Made by Google devices like Pixel smartphones, PixelBook devices, and others will have no non-recyclable material, and all of the things can be reused. Even though the intention is positive one towards the environment, the implementation might be harder than the company is expecting. With tons of electronic waste to recycling, it’d be harder to recycle every part in the smartphone or tablet computers. One negative thing about this plan by Google is that there is no accountability, even if the company decides to use the non-recyclable material in the devices.