ftc put a fine on google for violating youtube's child's protection policy

FTC Put A Fine On Google For Violating Youtube’s Child’s Protection Policy


When it comes to the Federal Trade Commission, they’re quite famous for putting a tremendous amount of penalty over big companies. YouTube, which is a subsidiary company of Google, got fined from FTC for violating a child’s protection policy. YouTube, which is famous for maintaining a sound system, has failed to do that for children’s users. YouTube has got fined for violating federal data privacy laws for children in which they collected data of children aged below 13. The report said that Google and YouTube failed to follow the required rules of Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA. This rule prevents companies not to acquire any data from children who are aged below 13 also protect their data privacy. However, this is not the first time when YouTube had got any notifications regarding violating rules of COPPA. YouTube is targeting even 13-year-old children by showing them targeted ads which are wrong according to regulations.

There’s no specific report came over this Fine’s amount, but experts believe this penalty might be a multimillion-dollar amount. Google must have got a massive amount of Fine over violating data privacy rules of children. However, it’s speculated that two Democrats have opposed this fine from the FTC, but three Republicans have backed it. This fine might show that the tech industry might be going through a tough period when it comes to following rules. There have been many times when big tech companies like Google has got fined for violating data privacy rules. The issues which have raised on YouTube also applies to other tech companies which are in the gaming industry too. Data privacy issues are increasing nowadays, and many big companies are making to pay fines for violating rules.