Foxconn Might Make Micro-LED Displays for Future iPhones

Foxconn Might Make Micro-LED Displays for Future iPhones


Apple is getting ready to launch the next generation iPhone devices and might launch the new one pretty soon. As the development for new iPhone is in progress, the news reports claim that Foxconn, Manufacturer giant for Apple’s iPhone is working on Micro-LED displays. Currently, Apple uses OLED Displays for their iPhone X, iPhone XS, and Apple Watch devices. But from now, Apple may introduce Micro-LED Displays, which will provide an excellent view of quality and vibrant colors. The Micro-LED Displays are similar to the OLED displays, where the display won’t need an additional layer of the light emitting sheet.

The MicroLED Displays provide superior visual quality and high brightness. The OLED Displays gradually declined in the brightness side and the burn-in issues. To prevent these issues in long-term, Apple is started the R&D Facility, that is focused on developing the Micro-LED displays on a mass scale. As of now, no manufacturer has been successful in manufacturing the Micro-LED displays, but with the vision and Research from Apple’s team, it seems like it has been done already. Although it is not quite efficient considering cost and Yield than the OLED displays, Apple is still willing to introduce it.

Apple is thinking to move on from OLED Displays as the company is prepping to introduce 31.6-inch external display for Mac Pro computers. The external display will be made of Mini-LED, which is the low-end version of Micro-LED. The Mini-LED’s will provide similar performance, except the magnitude density of pixels is in a different order. With the preparation from Foxconn to manufacture the new displays for the iPhone, we might see them soon in the markets. In September, Apple is hosting the WWDC and might introduce the iPhones with MicroLED displays.

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