First Malaria Vaccination in World to Go to 360,000 Children in Africa

First Malaria Vaccination in World to Go to 360,000 Children in Africa


World’s first malaria vaccine will be given to 360,000 African children every year. It is a part of a pilot project, as said by the World Health Organization. The project has already started. Malawi has already begun vaccinating children under the age of 2 years. Ghana and Kenya will start vaccinating in the coming weeks. The health ministries of the countries will decide more about its usage. The clinical trial findings say that this vaccine gives partial protection from malaria. It has successfully prevented 4 out of 10 cases of malaria, as per the World Health Organization.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General said in a statement that there have been many measures being taken to curb malaria, but they haven’t been so impactful. New solutions are needed and this vaccine seems to be a promising measure. It has the potential to save the lives of thousands of children.

Malaria spreads through female Anopheles mosquitoes’ bite. It is a parasitic disease. The disease can be prevented as well as treated, yet, about 435,000 people die of malaria every year. Malaria is rising in more than 13 countries in the world, as per reports. Mosquitoes were found in the countries near the equator, but due to global warming, these dangerous species are spreading in other countries as well.

Children under the age of five years have a higher probability of risk of malaria and its life-threatening consequences. Every two minutes, one child is affected by malaria. In Africa, malaria causes a large number of deaths, killing almost 250,000 children per year.

This vaccine is named RTS,S, or Mosquirix. It was created in 1987 at the British pharmaceutical giant GSK by the scientists. After undergoing years of testing and being supported by many organizations, it is being approved for its first pilot project. From the years 2000 to 2015, malaria deaths had reduced from 62% to 41%, but as per the current data, malaria cases will be rising. It is a high time to be aware as malaria is a difficult disease to curb.