Finally, Google is Removing Chrome Apps

Finally, Google is Removing Chrome Apps


Chrome apps have remained on the death line since Google declared in 2016 that it would end support. The news arrives around four years after. Today, the American tech giant has announced the latest timeline when those apps will stop functioning on all platforms. Finally, it is phasing Chrome apps from Mac Linux, Windows, and Chrome OS. We have brought a few important dates. From March, the Chrome Web Store will refuse new apps. Meanwhile, developers have opportunities to update current Chrome apps up to June 2022. After that, the apps will not function for any platform. Apart from this, Google has declared a deadline of June 2021, for Chrome OS.

People having Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education Upgrade can use the apps for some more time. But on Linux, Mac, and Windows, they will function only up to the end of this year. A Chrome app is an internet-based application that a user can install in Chrome. It seems and works as an app one could launch from a desktop. Google had launched Chrome apps in 2013 to provide an experience similar to a built-in application. Being an internet-based application developed with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, they extended the user base of a single OS. Also, Chrome apps were available for most platforms, including Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Anthony Laforge, technical director of the Chrome Platform team, has recommended citing the existing condition of the browser. As per Anthony, the web is in a good state to respond to the vast array of use cases. So users will be able to perform most tasks that they have managed in Chrome apps over the web. Besides this, Google has launched a hub to assist developers in switching from Chrome apps. Likely the company aims to drive users’ focus to web apps or developing Android apps for Chrome OS.

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