FCC Denies China Mobiles Permission to Operate in the United States of America

FCC Denies China Mobiles Permission to Operate in the United States of America


Federal Commission for Communication has denied the permissions for China Mobiles to operate in United States markets. FCC has rejected the license request application of China Mobile over the issues with National Security and Law Enforcement. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has denied the permissions to China mobiles to operate telecommunication network in the United States of America to prevent the issues with National Safety, as the Chinese companies are known to spy on every other country where they operate.

The executive branch agencies have advised the FCC to deny any such permissions to the Chinese companies that may have a direct or indirect impact on national security. From now on, Any application which asks for permissions to interconnect to the U.S. Communication Infrastructure will not be entertained. Also, the move is the result of a silent trade war between the United States of America and China. This is not the first time any Chinese communication company banned from the American markets. Last year, Trump Administration banned Huawei from operating in China as they’ve sold telecommunication equipment to the National Security Guards. As Huawei was under the radar for sending information to Chinese governments, they are not allowed to sell any equipment in the U.S. Markets.

China Mobile applied back in 2011 to interconnect the American Telecommunication network with the worldwide network for more natural call connection. According to the FCC, China Mobiles USA is indirectly operated by the Chinese Government and thus is not safe for national security as the company can exploit the communication network anytime. After having the discussion rounds with the intelligence community, and executive branch agencies, the FCC decided to deny the permission for the reasons of National Safety and Law Enforcement Rules. Now, Full Commission of FCC will vote on this decision in Meeting scheduled on 9th May.

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