Expert Tells What Causes College Depression And How To Overcome It

Expert Tells What Causes College Depression And How To Overcome It


When it comes to college, everyone thinks they are going to party and enjoy every single day in there, but that’s not the reality. One thing which is becoming common among youth is the college depression. College depression is becoming a severe problem, and experts think it can be caused by overstressing, the burden of marks and finances also. The students who have gone to college to get wisdom are going through lots of mental stress, which is turning into severe depression. Here are some reasons why students go through a college depression.


One of the primary reasons why anyone would go into depression is when they have lots of stress. Experts think many college students can’t handle stress, and that makes them mentally vulnerable. Some experts believe that solving the problem which they are facing will help them to get out of the stressful situation.

Fear Of Future

Majority of the college students think what’s going to happen with them in the future, and the overthinking of such uncertainty makes them feel depressed. Sometimes the only problem which these students are facing is an enormous amount of irrelevant thoughts in their brain, which are adding no good thing. Some experts think meditation or any mental exercise can help them to not overthink about future.

Negative Relationships

One thing which matters the most when you are in college is with whom you are spending most of your time. If you are surrounded by lots of negative people, then you are going to feel depressed and sad. Social media could be the most significant reason behind such type of people because such technology urges you to compare yourself with others. The only way to get out of such phase is by cutting negative people and over usage of social media.