ex-audi ceo charged in germany for alleged role in dieselgate

Ex-Audi CEO Charged in Germany for Alleged Role in Dieselgate


Over his alleged role in Volkswagen Dieselgate scam, Former CEO of Audi Rupert Stadler is being charged by German prosecutors. Not just Rupert Stadler, but three other unnamed defendants are accused in the Dieselgate investigation by the German authorities. Stadler is accused of cheating in the emission tests to make Audi cars look like environment-friendly when they are not following the emission standards at all. Also, he is charged for allegedly covering up the Dieselgate fraud from the authorities. Last year, he was arrested by the authorities for obstructing the investigation on the same matter.

Rupert Stadler is not the only one from the Volkswagen group to get charged in the Dieselgate scam. Last year in April, former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn was charged by the authorities in the same matter. Four top managers of Volkswagen were indicted by the Grand Jury in the United States, while other two officials are serving a sentence in the US jails since January. The troubles are not over for Volkswagen group, as the European Commission has accused the group of conspiring with BMW and Mercedes-Benz for slowing the rollout of Better Emission Restriction technology.

Stadler was in Jail for nearly four months after obstructing the regular investigation. During that time, Audi postponed the launch of its first electric vehicle named E-Tron in the markets and fired Stadler. He was working for Audi from 28 years since 1990. After The New York Times published the report with details on how the engineers from Audi cheated the emission tests from 2003, the charges were imposed by the German Authorities. Volkswagen Group dispatched the vehicles with special software, which would reduce the levels of Nitrus Oxide to minimum levels when the car would undergo the Emission tests. Due to this system, all of the vehicles passed the tests, even though they were emitting more than the permitted amount of Nitrus Oxide in the air.