Disney Now Has Full Control Of Hulu After Getting Deal With Comcast

Disney Now Has Full Control Of Hulu After Getting Deal With Comcast


Disney which is giant conglomerate company recently has striked a great deal with Comcast which is a stakeholder in Hulu. Hulu is a movie streaming platform which is famous in movie lovers for providing some exclusive content, and Disney already has a significant stake in this company. However, now after getting into deal with Comcast Disney now will have more stake in Hulu since the later company has decided to sell its stake to Disney.

Comcast will sell its stake in Hulu for a whopping amount of $9.2 billion in which it has agreed to give its ownership to Disney in next five years. Comcast’s NBCUniversal now will have right to cancel its content on Hulu by the end of 2022. Disney will have to pay this amount of deal in the next five years to gain full control of Hulu. Accordingly NBCUniversal content is still going to be on Hulu so those who like it might not need to worry about your favorite shows.

Even if the content of NBCUniversal is going to on Hulu for the next five years, the company has right to not let its content to Hulu within next one year or three years. Disney is already planning to launch its most ambitious project of Disney+ by the end of this year. The company has already invested millions of dollars into producing its content by hiring some renowned writers and directors. Now, this new deal with Comcast is going to increase the stake in Hulu which means market share of Disney in movie streaming business now has increased significantly. Fans are worried that NBCUniversal will remove its content from Hulu and even if they did you can watch it on other platforms also. So this deal is suitable for both the companies who are trying to earn and dominate movie streaming sector.

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