death rates are increasing among us youths from last few years

Death Rates Are Increasing Among US Youths From Last Few Years


Death is the last thing which anyone would like to get, but it seems like many people in the US are dying. A recent health study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that death rates among youth and middle-aged people are rising. The report indicates that the death rates among black and white people who are aged between 25-44 have increased by 13%. The data is about five years, which is a more concerning thing because during such a short time death rate has increased. CDC’s national centre for health statistics said that the majority of those people who died were part of the younger group.

Suicides, Homicide and drug overdose, are a leading cause of death among the young generation. American Foundation Of Suicide Prevention said they’re concerned because the data shows young adults aged in between 25 to 34 are suffering from suicidal cases. The rate of suicides among young people has increased by more than 19.2% from 2012 to 2017.

However, one good thing which was found during this research was that drug overdose among people decreased by 5% in 2018. The report shows there were more than 702000 deaths from a drug overdose in between 1999 and 2017. Even though the primary reason behind such a high death rate among youth is a drug overdose, suicide, etc. the same is different for older portion of 25-44 age people. Under this group of people, heart disease was the primary reason behind their deaths. Death based on Races is also different because of various reasons. However, rates between white and black adults aged 45-64 increased with a higher margin. For those adults who are aged 65 saw a general decline in death rates from last years. Some experts think some group of people might have a mental illness but not getting the right treatment.